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Would you like to be a sponsor of Cellarmonk : Beer? We offer a variety of advertising options. Ads are sold in one month blocks, but we offer discounts for both six-month and 12-month plans. Please contact us for specifics regarding pricing and availability.

Site Donations

Would you like to donate to CellarMonk~ Beer? Your contributions go towards keeping our site up and running! Payments are secure through Paypal:

Ad Placement

Available ad space is up to the discretion of CellarMonk.   We would like to keep clutter to a minimum so as to make for a less intrusive experience.

We are willing to work with advertiser on placement and or sponsorship, as well as, tying in ad campaigns.
Ad Sizes

A sampling of the ad sizes that we can offer:

Full Banner (486 x 60 pixels)

banner 468x60

Half Banner (234 x 60 pixels)
banner 234x60

Rectangle (180 x 150 pixels)
banner 180x150

Square Button (125 x 125 pixels)
banner 125x125

Micro Bar (88 x 31 pixels)
banner 88x31

Skyscraper (120 x 600 pixels)
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Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600 pixels)
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Text Link Ad
Placed in our Sponsors List, your business will get it’s name listed, along with a link to your website. Here’s a sample:

Newsletter Sponsorship

CellarMonk will be producing a monthly (html) newsletter.  Sponsorship of this newsletter is available.  CellarMonk will work with the sponsor for ad placement
sponsorship details. 

Forum Topic/Category Sponsorship

Sponsorship of Brew Chants forum topic/categories is available.  Contact us for more information.

Ad Unit Guidelines

CellarMonk will use Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines in respect to size, type, length and all associated parameters when considering advertisement placement 
on any of the CellarMonk.com properties.

Please contact us for pricing and availability.

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